How do you select the floor covering to make adjustments to the size/location?

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Oct 01, 2008

How do I get the wall dimensions to stay on so I can print with them and see them as I change room size?

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Oct 24, 2008

at first it was ok, now it displays a message about flash player script and then it prints the borders in black + you cannot “zoom-in” the printing area as before

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Oct 19, 2008

When printing with the new version my background is all black, you cannot see dimensions and the walls blend in with the background. I need to print my plans out to scale or at least with mea…

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Oct 22, 2008

Is it possible to move sideways (strife) on the 3D view? Sometimes, when I zoom in a lot, I can´t see some rooms, who “disappear” at the sides due to screen limitation, and I also can´t "scro…

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Oct 22, 2008

When I print the icon everything except the objects are all black. All you can see is the windows & doors & objects.

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Oct 20, 2008

I can’t seem to start my drawing at all. I click a blank canvas with the “Room” tool, and a single left click cancels the tool.

It’s instructing me to “pick an existing corner” to start.

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Sep 23, 2008
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