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Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2008-12-20 04:46

Last week we launched the new version of Floorplanner, but that’s only the start. At this moment we support 9 different languages and volunteers are working on 8 other languages. The goal is to have a full translated user interface for all languages our users speak.

If you want to contribute all you have to do is to send us an email with the following details: Your name, the language(s) you want to translate and optionally some details or background on why you would make a good translator. After we receive and approve your application, we’ll soon send you a mail with all the instructions, the rules and a link to the translation dashboard.

Active translators will ofcourse receive a free PLUS subscription.

krrish 2008-12-24 03:57

hello, my name is krrish,i am very interested in floorplanner, i came from Beijing,China, and English is my major when i studied in university.would you tell me the e-mail address by which i send application to you. i am looking forward to your reply. my e-mail is 2008-12-24 07:52

Hi krrish, Thanks for helping us out! When you log in you will see a new tab called “Translations”. Here you can enter your translations. If you have any question, please let me know.

pato69 2009-02-18 17:00

Hi, my name is Aldo and I am impressed with how easy is to draw with your program. I am getting on it and in a single day I got “professional looking” plans. I was wondering if you people are interested in some help to translate from English to Spanish. I have been living in Canada for three years now but my mother tongue is Spanish. Please, let me know if you are interested. 2009-02-22 05:25

Hi pato69, thank you for your compliments. I would be very nice if you could help us out with the Spanish translations. I will send you an email with some info to get started.

avedave 2009-02-25 12:10

Hi – the Floorplanner is great! As a programmer I’m really impressed by work you have done. If you were interested in Polish translation – I can help you. Polish is my mother tongue.

SharonAyalon 2009-03-14 12:48

Hi my name is Sharon and i’m from israel I’m really really impressed very nice program and easy to work
i want to translate it to hebrew and i have many customer who want to buy it 2009-04-03 06:19

Hi there, thanks for your compliments! I’m going to send you an email right now to get things started.

epfyffer 2009-04-08 05:23


I’m french language guy, and have some time foe you to correct and complete the translation in french if needed :-) ! just let me know if I can help you !

epfyffer 2009-04-22 03:44

oups… anonymous posting cannot be very usefull for my previous post :-) so the french guy was me lol… profile has been updates

acat 2009-04-26 05:56

Hello! :)
I am Alexey, a guy from Moscow, and I would like to translate your program into Russian.
I was looking for a program for building plans with an ability to build and show them in
the web and your project seems to be the one to do it perfectly. I hope it will be useful
to get it in Russian for me and for many other Russian speaking people :) Thanks!

Anonymous 2009-06-02 21:09

I am Lilian for Argentine, and i would like to traslate your program into Spaniel.- I am Arquitecte…your programe is excelent !!! Thanks ! 2009-06-08 05:20

Thanks epfyffer, acat and Lilian for helping us translate the Floorplanner into French, Russian and Spanish!

Ranakel 2009-06-25 15:39

Hello. My name is Annabelle and I live in France. I speak french (of course ;o)!) but also english and spanish. If you this I could help for any of these languages, let me know. It would be a pleasure to participate. You’re program is so brill ! I’ve never seen so easy and user friendly !

Alessandro 2009-06-28 09:24

Hi My name is Alessandro I could help to translate to italian an portuguese (Brazil) 2009-06-29 02:24

Hi Annabelle and Alessandro, I sent you an email to get things started. Thanks for your help!

Anonymous 2009-08-14 12:17


Anonymous 2009-08-24 16:30

ola, meu nome vanessa, quero saber como faço para iniciar o projeto formatando primeiro a area a ser construida, calculando as medidas do terreno em lagura e profundidade. Muito obrigada. meu email

Vita 2009-09-23 13:21

Hi Floorplanner’s,
I would absolutely love to translate to Danish.

Best regards,

Anonymous 2009-10-04 04:52

I’d be more than happy to help out with Urdu translations.


Anonymous 2009-12-22 10:11


Anonymous 2010-01-19 11:31


Elezyx 2010-01-31 09:23

Hi! I want to help you translate Floorplanner in Finnish language, what is my mother tongue. So, if you are intrested about Finnish translation, please take a contact.

Anonymous 2010-02-22 10:06

Ik zou heel graag gebruik maken privé van Floorplanner. Spijtig genoeg ben ik niet zo technisch sterk en zeker niet in het Engels !

Pingla 2010-02-27 07:33

I could help translate to Norwegian.

Anonymous 2010-03-24 08:59

Thanks for provide great post from where i got so many new things to learn with solution and the path way…
With Regards
Sofia Wilson

Keos 2010-04-26 09:45

Your software is very nice.
I could try to translate it in Romanian if you like.

I think you can have a lot of romanian clients as here are a lot of entrepreneurs building houses.

Peo 2010-05-05 04:00

Hi! I want to help you translate Floorplanner in Romanian language, what is my mother tongue. So, if you are intrested about Romanian translation, please take a contact.

reesd 2010-07-08 01:10

Need any more help with spanish?

Alper 2010-07-16 04:18

Your site made my day. So I want to return the favor. If you need help on Turkish translation send me an email.

thanks for this great site and especially keeping it free for standard usage ;)

Anonymous 2010-07-21 08:47

Hola, mi nombre es manu, y quisiera saber mas sobre floorplanner, si alguien habla español, por favor

Stefan 2010-08-13 07:46

Guys, I am in for Czech or Slovak. Whichever is more popular.

Anonymous 2010-08-23 20:36

hi am very interested in my house Peacebuilding and progarm is interesting but I have a question you may be able to build on its agenda the second floor council can give me to make the second floor 2010-08-25 06:58

@Anonymous: sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about.

KiD 2010-08-26 09:49

If you need translation to Maltese I can help 2010-08-26 11:31

Wow! I didn’t know you had separete language on Maltha. How many people are speaking this? 2010-08-27 05:14

We changed to a new translation system yesterday. It’s much faster and easier now to work with. A couple of translators picked it up real quick. ( @Peo: 310 phrases in total yesterday: WOW )

KiD 2010-08-31 17:18

Hi Nico,
Yep, we have a population of 410,000 whom all should speak the native tongue 2010-09-01 05:45

All right; I added you as a translator. I’ll explain to you in a mail how it works.
Btw: do you also speak French? We can use some french speakers.

Anonymous 2010-09-04 06:37

How come you can not put a second floor on top of the 1st floor please 2010-09-04 08:26

That’s technically not possible yet in our 3D software.

SueB 2010-09-29 09:18

I have just discovered Floorplanner and find it amazing and brilliant. I live in France and speak French so would be happy to help translating into English.

Sue 2010-09-29 10:24

Dear Sue; That’s great, we can use French translators. I’ll add you to our translators.

My2Cents 2010-10-03 12:29

Hi ! Floorplanner is a great tool and I would really like to help translate it to Norwegian.

Erik :-) 2010-10-05 04:42

Hi Eric, thanks for wanting to help us; I sent you a mail.

Linda 2010-10-13 13:43

Este Programa e genial, Muito Fácil de trabalhar com os elementos, sem contar que podemos trabalhar as dimensões dos Móveis AxLxP … tão gostaria de sabre Como Faço parágrafo Passar o Desenho para pc Meu, env o Ícone nao funciona. Obrigada e parabéns! estou no Brasil, qq coisa pode contar comigo

sadou 2010-10-18 16:43

helo my name is sadou. i want to know how to draw other plan that a floor . thank

Empire 2010-11-06 17:17

Hi, I can translate this site in romanian. I saw the last 2 users who wanted that did not translated it already.

Anonymous 2010-11-14 18:29

Hey! Spanish still have a lot of mistakes, any help needed? Best Regards

Anonymous 2010-12-04 02:44

hi, i am murli i would like to include this floorplanner into my php website guid me for this 2010-12-07 05:32

@Empire: thanks for offering to help us; I sent you a mail. 2010-12-07 11:41

@Anonymous: thanks for offering to help us with the Spanish; I sent you a mail.

NYMare 2010-12-20 08:02

Hi, if you are interested i would translate your software to Slovenian.
I like the simplicity of your sw: it’s easy and fun :)

Anonymous 2011-01-21 15:58

My name is Alex and I would really like to help translate it to romanian. 2011-01-26 04:51

Thanks Alex,
I sent you an email.

Anonymous 2011-02-11 04:57

Hi! I can do the translation from English to Chinese.
I majored at English Language and literature in Zhejiang University for four years; and then worked for UNCEF and UNIDO during Aug.2002-Aug.2006 using English as the working language. September 2006 I went to the University of York,England for a Master’s degree on Public Policy Analysis. Working as a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager now in Beijing, I am still using a lot of English. Chinese is my native Language.Please contact me for the English-Chinese translation according to your need. My email: Thanks! 2011-02-11 05:46


Thanks for the offer,
I’ll send you an email.

Kind regards,


Anonymous 2011-03-21 21:23

oh boo who

Anonymous 2011-03-28 05:37
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~M 2011-05-01 07:44

I am a fully bilingual Canadian… Have you heard of us? LOL. I can help with English and French.

~Mariette. 2011-05-03 08:07

Hi Mariette,

Thanks a lot for your offer. I’ll send you a mail.

and yes, of course I’ve heard of Bilingual Canadians :)

~M 2011-05-08 14:35

Hi guys and gals. I have a question regarding translating from English to French: When I see terms like BASIC, PLUS, PRO, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE regarding the different Floorplanner packages, do I leave those words as is, or do I translate them to French?


~M 2011-05-08 14:37

By the way, this translating thing is very addictive! LOL 2011-05-09 06:31

Hi ~M
Great to have you then, and to hear that you’ve been already picking things up so quickly. Please leave these terms untranslated since these are our product names.

~M 2011-05-09 16:21

Ok. That’s what I thought.

ID 2011-05-23 19:14


I am ready to assist with French, if you are interested!
I am fluent in English and native French speaker, with extensive l10n and i18n experience as an intl product manager with a major SF bay area software company. 2011-05-24 06:45

Thanks for offering! I made you translator and sent you a mail, but if you’re using another mail address please letme know at

iguana007 2011-06-13 08:36

I would like help with Czech & Slovak translations as long it is still not here, even if Stefan offered himself at 2010/08/13. 2011-06-14 08:11

Hi iguana007,

That’s great to hear. Czech is 30% now, mostly done by Stefan. Slovak still has to be started. I sent you a mail and gave you an upgrade. Please read the small tutorial and do whichever of the languages you prefer. Let me know if you have any questions.

jpj556 2011-07-05 18:30

English is my first language, but I am fluent in Spanish, and a Certified Bilingual Teacher. 2011-07-06 06:18

Hi jpj556,

Sounds great, Thanks for the offer. I upgraded you to Plus and made you translator. Did you receive my mail with explanation?

Anonymous 2011-07-22 19:08

to whom it may concern,
I am trying to use floorplanner but it does not work. i created a plan and when i try to edit it, it puts a blank page. help!!!!! 2011-07-26 09:05

Hi, do you have the latest flah plugin? you can download it here:
If this doesn’t work, please let us know what type of browser you’re using.

m&m 2011-12-02 11:53

how do you remove you room??

Anonymous 2011-12-28 04:50

Hello developers!
Your software is the best and has the most user-friendly interface. Since I know English fluently, I did not meet any problem to create a design of my apartment, but some of my friends do. I am living in Ukraine but my mother tongue is Russian. So I can help you to translate to both languages – Ukrainian and Russian. Please, let me know if you are interested in my support. 2012-01-02 08:30

Thanks! I just made you translator and sent you an email.

muazamhadi 2012-01-26 04:52

Hi Floorplanner,
I’m Hadi and I just found about this wonderful piece of application. I’m keen to translate Floorplanner in Malay language. I’m a native speaker and have some experience translating for other softwares. Kindly let me know how I can contribute. Thanks!

Anonymous 2012-02-06 11:22

Needind a french translation? I am here if it’s not to late !
I have appreciated your software and I’m ready to spend some time helping you (for user’s manual and software interface).

Please let me know if I can do something for You : I will be delighted.

A french (and enthusiast) civil engineer living in France.

Best regards.

Henry ECK
2,square de Valois
****************************** 2012-02-06 12:17

Great! Just sent you a mail.

swampy 2012-03-13 16:33

I can help to translate Floorplanner to Czech if you like.

swampy 2012-03-13 16:34

Sorry I forgot to add my e-mail address for Czech translation –

Ek_off 2012-04-08 12:13

Hi developers!

I noticed that there is no swedish translation, I could help you with that if you need me to!


Niclas Eckhoff
Västerbäcksgatan 6
252 31 Helsingborg
Sweden 2012-04-10 05:33

Hello Swampy and Niclas, thanks for the offer! I sent you guys and email.

Super Man
Super Man 2012-04-22 09:30

I know a little bit of Korean, but I do not have a Korean software.

piperita 2012-04-23 08:28

I can help you to translate it to Italian 2012-04-24 05:29

@Piperita: Great! I sent you an email

Anonymous 2012-06-03 11:49

Still need a German Translator? Here I am. My mother tongue is german, but I understand English as well. Would be great, if I can help you.

riz 2012-06-18 04:30

I can help you to translate it to bahasa malaysia

Anonymous 2012-07-31 10:39

I can help for translating it to estonian. If there is a way that i could support, my e-mail is

Anonymous 2012-08-01 08:51

me to

Jade Rose
Jade Rose 2012-08-08 10:00

I could do Spanish.

emreson93 2012-08-15 21:51

I have a Toefl certificate, 97 over 120, I can translate easily from English to Turkish, my main language is Turkish. waiting for reply as soon as possible, I’m impatient to begin translating something :D

mirda.tasarim 2012-08-22 04:07

slm programda 5 proje sınırlamasımı var ben deneme yaparken kurcalarken baktım kotam dolmus ve programı kullanmıyorum yardımcı olursanuz sevinirim. 2012-08-22 07:02

sorry Mirda, I don’t understand what you’re saying. could you speak in english?

Anonymous 2012-08-24 09:11

Hi, my name is Samuel and I can help you on translation for Portughese (Brasil). I would like to do so because I think your application is a very nice one and so, why not to help you guys?
Thank you.

Anonymous 2012-09-17 15:13

im from Egypt & i would like to help translate from English into Arabic

Anonymous 2012-09-20 16:06

Hello, I can help with the traslation in italain. I like this software

sergiomau 2012-10-17 19:48

Hi, party = festa (and not “partido”) (português Brazil).

mexican user
mexican user 2012-10-22 13:27

do you need already some help on translating to Spanish??

mexican user
mexican user 2012-10-22 13:29

do you need already some help on translating to Spanish?? last friday I bought a Plus account… 2012-10-24 05:54

@sergiomau: thank you! I changed it. 2012-10-24 06:22

@mexican user: thank you for the offer. I sent you an email 2012-10-24 06:25

@Anonymous from Egypt: Unfortunately our interface & translation system isn’t fit for Arabic yet due to the direction of the characters.

Thank you for the offer though. Maybe in the future we can use your help. 2012-10-24 06:39

@ thicon.gunawan: sorry for my late response. I sent you an email

Vincent 2012-12-01 09:49

I’ll be happy to join the French translation team, as it seems that they have missed a few translations, for instance:
party => parti which is wrong, it should be “fête” ou “évenement”
winsows shutter => not translated,

Claudino 2015-01-24 22:00

Portuguese, yes, i can!
Your software help me every day, now it´s my turn to help to improve portuguese language on the box! Nice work to team and go on!

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